What is the difference between language and communication?

Communication refers to the interchange of message or information from one person to another, either verbally or non-verbally. Communication is described as an act of interchanging ideas, information or message from one person or place to another, via words or signs which are understood to both the parties. Communication is vital for the organisation because it is a principle means by which organisational members work with each other.

On the other hand, language is a human communication method or the system through which two people interact. It is used in a particular region or community, for imparting a message, to each other, with the use of words.

Language is described as a tool which helps in the transmission of feelings and thoughts, from one person to another. It is the means of expression of what a person feels or thinks, through arbitrarily produced symbols or sounds, such as words (spoken or written), signs, sounds, gesture, posture, etc., that convey a certain meaning.